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At LeeHooker company we create imaginative hand made custom instruments. We strive to carry the quality of the past into the future.
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King's Trip

Price 196 €

The King's Trip is almost like a Swiss army knife between the overdrive – distortion pedals. It's a combination of two pedals in one product. Each section can be switched to a BOOSTER, OVERDRIVE and DISTORTION. This feature makes the King's Trip a very versatile pedal. It's especially searched by musicians which appreciate a combination of sound variations and also a simplicity of needing only „one“ pedal.

With these mode possibilities the King's Trip can be set to different modes: a) OD > BOOST or DIST > BOOST, where the second „yellow“ section is used to boost the volume for soloing and so on, b) BOOST > OD or BOOST > DIST, where the attached booster has a function as „a feeder“ which increases the amount of distortion on the „yellow“ channel, c) OD> OD allows you to use two different sets of overdrive separately, or simultaneously with a result of a fatter distortion.

Additionally, thanks to carefully tuned frequency ranges, this pedal works great with sharper / brighter sounding Fender-type amps, as well as with darker / rounder types like Marshall or Vox. The King's Trip is inspired by the legendary and highly valued pedal King of Tone from AnalogMan. The pedal is made from carefully selected quality components and has a True-Bypass.

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LeeHooker effects are true handmade custom boutique pedals. All models are made in the Czech Republic.


Drive, Tone, Volume
9V battery or DC adaptor (Boss type 2.5mm), power consumption 6–8mA without a LED diode, with a 2× LED diodes 11mA. 100 hours battery life.
Input impedance
> 1 Mohm
  • Yellow and red LED indicators
  • 2× inner DIP switches (BOOST, OD, DIST)
  • 2× inner trimmers
  • True Bypass
dark purple metallic