LeeHooker custom instruments

At LeeHooker company we create imaginative hand made custom instruments. We strive to carry the quality of the past into the future.

About us

Every guitar is an original piece, that's why its construction is always a great challenge for us. From conception to the final product are concentration is fully focused on precision of the development and the creation of the particular instrument. Excellent final results are our greatest reward.

We began to produce LeeHooker electric guitars in 1998, starting as professional musicians who were eager to discover the secrets of building guitars. We always had a passion for so-called vintage instruments and that is where our dream started. That is also where we draw our knowledge and inspirations. While we design and build our models we use all we now as much as possible. However we do not want them to be mere copies. We enrich our instruments with modifications in both design and functionality.

With using only the best materials and hardware we try to fulfill new technical and practical demands on contemporary instruments. We have been providing guitar services to many well known guitar players for a long time and that’s where we also have the advantage when it comes to perfection on our instruments. Result? Better playability on all of our guitars.

Thank you for your interest in our LeeHooker Custom Instruments.

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