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At LeeHooker company we create imaginative hand made custom instruments. We strive to carry the quality of the past into the future.
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Fuzz Trip

Price 127 €

The FUZZ TRIP pedal offers different possibilities of distortion. From a light overdrive to full „old-school“ creamy silicon fuzz distortion.

The pedal is inspired by the fuzzy pedal from the 60's – 70's and offers both a beautiful protracted tone, especially suitable for solo playing as well as a more natural rawer overdrive distortion, ideal for a backlight guitar. The FUZZ TRIP cooperates with all kinds of guitar pedals and gives you the possibility to control the sound from a clean or even a more dirty sounding amplifier. In addition by using the volume potentiometer on your guitar, it gives you more possibilities to control the overall sound. Another benefit is the simplicity of its operation. The rate of distortion, and the overall tone response speed of the pedal are set only by two potentiometers – Smooth and Attack. Thanks to the two potentiometers and their mutual ratios, you can get from the FUZZ TRIP pedal a very broad musical spectrum of different distorted sounds. That’s why this pedal will satisfy both conservative players as well as audio adventurer’s pla­yers that like to explore through all the genres.

In comparison to the vintage fuzzy pedals the FUZZ TRIP also offers several significant improvements. The pedal can be placed almost anywhere in the guitar signal chain and therefore, there is no need to connect it right after the guitar. It also doesn’t suffer from a husky colored sound, as is characteristic for the vintage fuzz pedals. With our Fuzz pedal you can sharpen as well as achieve a crispier sound. The pedal is built as a true bypass which also gives you a better control over your pedals and features an indispensable 9V DC power adapter or 9V battery.

LeeHooker effects are true handmade custom boutique pedals. All models are made in the Czech Republic.


Smooth, Attack, Level
Power supply
9V battery or DC adaptor, power consumption 1.1mA without a LED diode, with a LED diode 2.7mA
> 1 Mohm
< 10 kOhm
  • True Bypass
  • LED indicator
Surface finish
olive metallic paint