LeeHooker custom instruments

At LeeHooker company we create imaginative hand made custom instruments. We strive to carry the quality of the past into the future.
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Chorus Trip

Price 142 €

Unlike today's digital chorus pedals, the LeeHooker chorus is an „old analog school“. Warm tone is made by using the „new old stock“ (NOS) chip MN3007. This chip is from around the 1980, and was the basis for all the best analog boxes including the delays of that time.

A Great advantage of this effect is that it's quiet. In terms of noise it is therefore comparable to today's digital effects.

True bypass, a 9V battery or DC adapter power supply is a standard in all our pedals.

LeeHooker effects are true handmade custom boutique pedals. All models are made in the Czech Republic.


Rate, Depth
Power supply
9V battery or DC supply, current consumption 7mA, 100 hours battery life
  • S/N more than 90 dB
Input impedance
> 470Kohm
Output impedance
< 10Kohm
  • True bypass
  • Led indicator
  • Finish: metallic blue